In university, I learned how to learn. I take that mentality and apply it to each new project I join.


Lana has a strong background in organization and design. She is university educated and has almost fifteen years of experience working with companies large and small. She deviated from the corporate structure in 2015 to build more meaningful business relationships as a contractor. To her, working with businesses to achieve their goals is more impactful than sitting at a desk day after day.

Creating en enriched experience for customers and clients in real life is not always the same as in the digital world and with social media. Sometimes, often, it is difficult to know how to translate your values and brand online. That's where Lana can help you. The trick is to ensure all branding, visualizations, and messaging has the same tone and direction.

That's why a clear vision of your brand is essential.

It all starts with your brand. And all your decisions, whether online or offline, have to connect and jive with your brand and how you portray it online and off.



vancouver, bc



I began my small business in 2010 as an outlet for my creative passion. Who knew five years later I would quit my full-time job to pursue it with every ounce of my being? LanaBetty is a collection of geometric contemporary jewelry made using 3d printing and traditional techniques. It is sold in over twenty shops across canada and has been showcased online, in print, and on television. I have attended many local and not-so-local markets and tradeshows as well, and have won awards for booth design and merchandising.

Just like any startup, it’s all hands on deck and my time with CCBW was no different. I was the documentation and HACCP specialist, working to implement some semblance of document management and conformity with communication while also wrangling the joint health and safety committee, all health and safety initiatives (as the impromptu safety officer) as well as working with marketing to manage social media (this included social media management, copywriting, and content creation). I learned to be a self-starter, to take control of situations and participate with the team as needed, as well as how to build a safety program from the ground up. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with marketing, as I am closely connected with LanaBetty, but had not had any other experience in the real world. My time with CCBW really affirmed my love of small business and the excitement of startups.

craft collective beerworks

(aka factory brewing)

vancouver, bc

molson coors

vancouver, bc

As the documentation specialist, it was my job to corral and organize the existing documentation: training files, specifications, procedures, forms, and everything in between. The system was dated; using a no longer active version of Sharepoint. I learned to manage the sharepoint system and evolved it to include feedback from my peers. As the facility began to prepare for HACCP certification, my work increased significantly and I was able to build a team to continue the work load. I trained and managed one employee. My role evolved as my skill for graphic design became more well known and I was an active participant in the health and safety committee. To learn more, visit Linkedin.

mustang survival

burnaby, bc

I was hired as a quality assurance analyst and it was my job to organize, maintain, grow, and train employees on the new documentation system I helped develop. I wrote standard operating procedures, analyzed customer complaints, developed a number system for documentation and participated on the health and safety committee. I was involved where I could with the on-site sewing team and worked to improve working conditions where I could. To learn more, visit Linkedin.

aquinox pharmaceuticals

richmond, bc

It was my job as the technical operations associate, to hone the existing procedures and forms, train the staff, and share my knowledge of documentation management. I participated in many technical meetings, learned and applied project management, and provided reviewing and editing help with scientists as they wrote sections of their investigatory new drug application. 

andrew peller limited

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Fresh out of university, I scored big by landing a quality assurance position at a national winery. It was my job to ensure quality of almost all aspects of production and manufacturing. From organic analysis of wine (from grape to bottle), to cork moisture, glass defects, and barcode legibility. I was heavily involved in the transition of the facility to be HACCP certified, writing standard operating procedures, learning how to map processes and to train my coworkers on the process. I was also a OFAIII and involved in the joint health and safety committee.